Ekalavīratantra (Caṇḍamahāroṣaṇatantra)

  • Language: Sanskrit
  • Date: 1380
  • Indoskript editor: kh
  • Dynasty:
  • ID: 602
  • Place of origin: Kathmandu (85° 18' long., 27° 42' lat.)
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Material: Palmblatt


George, Christopher S.: "The Caṇḍamahāroṣaṇa Tantra: Chapters I-VIII. a critical Edition and English Translation", (American Oriental Series, Vol. 56), 1974.


Ekalavīratantra (Caṇḍamahāroṣaṇatantra); Location: Royal Asiatic Society, London; Reference: E.B. Cowell and J. Eggeling, "Catalogue of the Buddhist Sanskrit Manuscripts in the Possession of the Royal Asiatic Society", JRAS , n.s. Vol. 8 (1876), 37, No. 46.

Script: Newārī (Bhujimola); Date: no date, but placed at ca. N.S. 500 (= A.D. 1380) (Ed. S. 6). "Altthough this MS is numbered consecutively from 1-60, there are ten leaves missing ... The fact that the leaves of this MS were numbered at a date perhaps five to six centuries after it was written, and subsequent to the loss of the ten leaves, can be seen immediately from a glance at the form of the numeral 7 for MS A in the Script Chart (APPENDIX II). Note that the leaf numeral is the only source of numerals for the Script Chart" (Ed. S.6); daher wurden die Zahlen hier nicht berücksichtigt.

Herkunft: hier stellvertretend Kathmandu

Allgemeine Anmerkung:

Die Auswahl der aufgenommenen Zeichen entspricht den Listen der Edition (vgl. Ed. S. 90-95 und S. 88 Kommentar zur Auswahl.

Sämtliche Zeichen sind in Tabellen angeordnet in der Edition als Nachzeichnungen von Māna Vajra Vajrācārya zu finden, sie bilden daher eine Ausnahme innerhalb der Datenbank, da sie nicht in ihrem Kontext vorlagen.

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