Briefe von Paṃcolī Jagvīvan Dās, "Script 2"

  • Language: Rajasthani
  • Date: 1690-1720
  • Indoskript editor: kh
  • Dynasty:
  • ID: 803
  • Place of origin: Jaipur (75° 48' long., 26° 54' lat.)
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Material: Papier

Datierung: zw. 1690 und 1720 n.Chr.

Herkunft: Jaipur.


Metzger, Mathias: Observations on the Scripts of the Jaipur Vakil Reports: a preliminary electronical edition. (s. )

Ludwigshafen am Rhein, 2001

" The material available consists of the letters of various authors on a broad array of subjects.

Besides accounts of dramatic developments on the most exalted levels of politics there are written complaints on neighbourhood quarrels; descriptions of battles are rendered as accurately

as mere gossip. Here as in my dissertation I have restricted myself to the correspondence of the emissaries of Amber/Jaipur at the Mughal Court with their rulers. The material utilized here

consists ofmore than 100 letters and - if transcribed and printed - amounts to approximately 200 pages of text.

The letters of Paṃcolí Jagjívan Dās, the Vakil (ambassador) of Jaipur/Amber at the Mughal

Court (from 1690 until about 1720) form a substantial part of all documents available.

His letters are written in two clearly distinguishable scripts or rather hands both of which are obviously the work of trained and professional writers rather than of Jagjívan Dās himself(Fn5) . The

last observation is corroborated by the fact that at least the hand called "Script 2 " in this essay is also met with in a small number of documents ascribed to Jagjívan Dās' colleague and brother Paṃcolí Meghrāj. [Fn. 5: For convenience - and completely arbitrarily - I have termed these hands as Script 1 and Script 2 respectively.]

While the hands can be distinguished on first sight as belonging to different writers who moreover obviously preferred different types of pens, the orthographical conventions adopted therein are almost identical. The writers obviously belong to an identical "school".

On the other hand the script employed in the letters of Divān Bhikharí Dās, referred to here as "Script 3", though similar in many respects to the other scripts, shows characteristic differences, both in the forms of letters as in orthographical conventions." (Ed.: aus "Introduction")

Die in der o.g. Edition genannten 3 zu unterscheidenden Schriften wurden getrennt in die Datenbank übernommen:

1. Briefe von Paṃcolī Jagvīvan Dās, "Script 1"

2. Briefe von Paṃcolī Jagvīvan Dās, "Script 2"

3. Briefe von Divān Bhikharī Dās, "Script 3"

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