Vessagiri 93b

  • Language: Simhal. Prakrit
  • Date: -225-50
  • Indoskript editor: kh
  • Dynasty:
  • ID: 808
  • Place of origin: Anurādhapura (80° 24' long., 8° 18' lat.)
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Material: Felswand.

Datierung: letztes Viertel 3. Jhd. v. Ch. - Mitte 1. Jhd. n. Ch. (Ed.: S. xvii), wohl zu früh. Hier -90 bis 90 n.Chr. angesetzt.

Herkunft: Vessagiri, Anuradhapura Dist., Sri Lanka.


Paranavitana, S.: Inscriptions of Ceylon

Vol. I: containing Cave Inscriptions from 3rd century B.C. to 1st century A.C. and other Inscriptions in the early Brāhmī Script. [o.O.], 1970; (Archaeological Survey of Ceylon)

Section A: Inscriptions in early Brāhmī Script, S. 1 ff.

Vessagiri: Anurādhapura

(Ed. S. xii: "Vessagiri [Issarasamaṇa]-vihāra, about a mile to the south of the Sacred Bodhi tree at Anurādhapura. Nos. 76-93e; 1113a")

Pl. X,

No. 93b:

Haritimataha Ma[norame leṇe]

Übersetzung: "The cave (named) Manorama of Hārītīmātṛ."

weitere Literatur:

EZ. 1: 10ff. und ASCAR 1909: 5, fn.

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